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Carbine CEL 3 in 1 Digital Lever Set
Carbine CEL

Digital 3 in 1


Carbine 9000 Series Entrance Knob Set
Carbine 9000 Series

Knob Sets


Carbine SL7000 Series Entrance Lever Set
Carbine SL7000 Series

Lever Sets


Carbine CDL Digital Lock
Carbine CDL Digital

Digital Lever


Carbine Night Hawk Night Latch
Carbine Night Hawk

Night Latches


Carbine Enduro Screen Door Lock
Carbine Enduro

Screen Locks


Carbine Latch Guard
Carbine Latch Guard

Latch Guards


Carbine Acrobat Mortice Lock
Carbine Acrobat

Mortice Locks


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Carbine offers a wide variety of Leversets, Knobsets, Knobspinners, Surface Mounted Deadbolts and Knob/Lever Combination for numerous applications. It’s all dependent on what you are trying to lock.

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